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Quest Walkthroughs

Yea, I know. Its probably going to be a LOT to read through. This is where the handy ALT + F key comes in! (Its the hot key for find.) All you have to do then is enter the name of the quest your looking for in and it'll bring you right to the title. (: Happy Questing!

A Dolphin's Purpose (150qp)[Novice]
So, it seems logical to start with the first quest. Its pretty easy if your good at fishing (Check out the fishing walkthrough if you don't know how!).
Items needed:
5 Big Fish
5 Little Fish

Where to start:
Its time to find Dorothy the dolphin, located on no other than Dolphin isle!

Dorothy, a dolphin With a purpose. What is that purpose? ITS YOU! Who knew?
All she wants you to do is get her some fish. Five little fish and 5 Big fish!
So.. give em' to her!
You Completed A Dolphin's Purpose. You earned 3 Obsidian Chunks and 150 quest points!

Abigail's Lost Ice Skates (100qp) [Intermediate]

Where to Start:
Talk to Abigail in Chillton, Snow Isle!
You have to take complete 'Hot Cocoa for Heinrich' first.
Still not having found her ice skates, she asks you to run over to Valarie's to ask about them.
Theyre above the rock by the lake.

Use your binoculars and..
"Looking up at the top of the rock, you see Abigail's ice skates, nearly covered with snow! How did they get up there?
You found Abigail's lost ice skates!"

Bring them back to Abigail.

You returned Abigail's ice skates. You earned $3000 and 100 quest points.

Admiral Leonard's Sextant (25qp) [Novice]
Where to Start:
Starfish isle

He seems to have left his sextant by some rocks and needs you to go find it.
Go to the left, after the docks and use your magnified glass.

Looking carefully around the rocks, you see something!
It looks like you found the Admiral's Sextant.

Take it back to the Admiral.

You Completed Admiral Leonard's Sextant. You earned $2000 and 25 quest points.

Adrianna's Quest for WildFire (100qp) [Intermediate]

Where to Start:

Adrianna has lost her horse and she wants you to go find him.
Hes north of Appleton in the Little Appleton forest.

When you talk to him he likes being free and doesn't want to return home.
Go tell Adrianna the news!
You Completed Adrianna's Quest! You earned $5000 and 100 quest points.

Aladdin's New Lamp (50qp) [Novice]
Where to Start: Cloud Isle

Alati's Invention (250qp) [Novice]
Where to Start: Sandy Meadows, Desert Isle

Albert Junker's Missing List (25qp) [Novice]

Where to start: Hoof Isle general store
Albert has lost his inventory lost and needs you to find it! Go talk to Diedra (Shes on the same isle, just follow the path to the right) and see if she's seen it. He had left it on her table. Go run it back to Albert!
You Completed Albert's Missing List Quest! You earned $500 and 25 quest points!

Allaire's Feathers (100qp) [Novice]
Where to Start: Saddle Isle Maze

Talk to her and she asks you to get some feathers from the unicorn thats in the tail forest maze. (I had the exact directions but it got deleted. D:) The pegasus on flower isle usually delivers them but as we know from the previous quest, he has hurt his wing and cant fly long distances. Go talk the Caeralus who is in the middle of the flower isle maze and he will send you to Erebus. Before he poofs you there he gives you a bag of feathers. Now find Erebus and deliver the note. Once delivered he sends you back to Allaire (Phew! We don't have to go through the maze again!!) and you can finish the quest by talkign to her.

You Completed Allaire's Feathers Quest! You earned $10,000 and 100 quest points.

Amariel's Seven Orbs (200qp) [Master] NOT DONE

Anika's Lost Hat (50qp) [Novice]
Where to Start: Crystalton

Talk to Anika and she will tell you that she lost her hat while crossing the bridge to Snowball Isle and to dig and rake around the bridge on both sides. Dig in the area below.

You found the hat! Now take it back to Anika. :)

You Completed Anika's Lost Hat! You earned $2000 and 50 quest points.

Apples for Viola (50qp) [Novice]

Where to Start: Berg Isle

Viola needs some more apples. Go pick some up from the general store on ice isle. You were given $1000 in traveling expenses. Bring the apples back to Viola.

You Completed Apples for Viola! You earned $2000 and 50 quest points.

Apples' Horseshoes (25qp) [Novice] UNAVAILABLE

Arbuckle's Cattails (25qp) [Novice]
Where to Start: Whiskerton, Cat Isle
Items needed:
10 cattails

Arbuckle has a vase which is well.. empty. Go get Arbuckle 10 cattails to full it with! Once gathered bring them back to him.

You Completed Arbuckle's Cattails Quest! You earned $5000 and 25 quest points.

Ariela's Lost Necklace (75qp) [Intermediate]
Where to Start: Lava Isle

Asher's Maze Woes (75qp) [Intermediate]

Atreyu's Hard Candy (50qp) [Novice]
Where to Start: Turtle Isle

A 'Rather large friend' is coming to visit! Apparently he likes to eat some soft rocks that are found on the neverending isles. Go talk to Falcor again!
There aren't any rocks on the first isle so have the luck dragon take you to the next one. Dig in the only rock pile and you'll find a soft rock! Onto the next isle.
There's only one rock pile there too. Just dig again and you'll find another one.
Keep going to the next isle and digging on top of all of the rock piles until you return to Atreyu! (You should have 7 soft rocks) Give him the rocks.

You Completed Atreyu's Hard Candy Quest! You earned $2500 and 50 quest points.

Atreyu's Steed (100qp) [Intermediate]
Where to Start: Turtle isle

Atreyu has lost his beloved horse Artax! Go find Falcor the luck dragon!

So talk to him and hell take you to the first isle. You can look around if you want but hes not there. Talk to the luck dragon again and he'll take you to the next place.
Hes not on the next one either, but the third time's the charm!

Talk to Atreyu one more time!

You Completed Atreyu's Steed Quest! You earned $5,000 and 100 quest points.

Azmaguru's Honor (125qp) [Intermediate]
Items Needed:
3 peacock feathers
2 leather strappings
some homemade beads
1 dinosaur bone

Look up Azmaguru in the library. Hes located in a village in the middle of the jungle island maze.
He tells you that he needs a piece of tribal jewelry made, but that it cant be like any other kind. He knows of a person that will do it and the only hint he gives you is 'She smells as sweet as her home'.. Flowers smell sweet!
Go talk to Floria on Flower isle. She'll ask you for three peacock feathers, two leather strappings, some homemade beads, and one dinosaur bone. The feathers you can find on the ground, the leather strapping is in stores on hoof isle, and the dinosaur bones can be found on the beach but are rare. I just bought mine from a rock shop. Talk to Genevieve on art isle for the beads. She gives them to you for free.
Take it all back to Floria and get the necklace!
Now to return back to Azmaguru..

You Completed Azmaguru's Honor! You earned 5 Rubies, 25 chunks of Gold Ore and 125 quest points.

Baby Karina's Blankie (100qp) [Novice]
Where to Start: Shellton, Turtle Isle

Baby Karina is upset because a mean boy at the park stole her blankie! Run down to the playfround and get it back from him! Chase him around a little and he will give it back... He seems to have gotten it dirty first, though. Return it to Karina, but she suggests that Eliza can wash it. She does it for free. Now, give back the newly washed blanket!

You Completed Baby Karina's Blanket Quest! You earned 5 Bananas and 100 quest points.

Bailey's Rose Trellis (50qp) [Novice]
Where to Start: Lilac Isle

Items needed:
5 logs
15 strong skinny branches

Bailey needs you to grab some supplies for her. Fetch 5 logs and 15 strong skinny branches and bring them back to her. She then asks you to go to the flower shop in Shellton to pick up her roses. Now bring them back to her!

You Completed Bailey's Rose Trellis. You earned $3000, 5 Bunches of Daisies and 50 quest points

Barnabas' Isles Challenge (50qp) [Intermediate]
Where to Start: Treeton

First Question: What store does Grey Slate on Hare Isle Own?


Second Question: What is the name of Peco's Bill's Horse?

Third Question: What does Violet of Earton watch with her Binoculars?

Fourth Question: Who do you talk to, to get to Rock isle?
Mr. Tuttle on Turtle Isle

Fifth Question: What 2 items did Greig in Tail Forest lose?
Glasses and Watch

Sixth Question: What gem is NOT wanted by the Ghosts on Pirate Isle?

Seventh Question: What pet does Thorne have on Flower isle, and what does the pet lose?
Dog who lost a Bone

Eighth Question: How do you get to Quiet isle?
Talk to Galvin in Muzzle Forest

Ninth Question: What does Joylyn in Treeton collect?


Tenth Question: Which of these towns do NOT have a training pen?

You Completed Barnabas' Isles Challenge! You earned $10,000 and 50 quest points.

Barnacle Ben's Decorating Quest (100qp) [Novice] UNAVAILABLE
Barnacle Ben's Home Improvement (100qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Barramundi Fish for Louis Penguin (300qp) [Intermediate] UNAVAILABLE
Barrett's Supply Delivery (25qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Betsy's Long Lost Brother (50qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Big Blue's Fishy Friends (125qp) [Intermediate] UNAVAILABLE
Black Bart's Collection (200qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Brea's Groceries (25qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Breanan's Deck Swab (50qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Britt's Cat Treats (25qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Broken Horseshoe (75qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Burlap Family Reunion (125qp) [Novice] UNAVAILABLE
Cacti Seeds for Eunice (25qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Cadee's Grammar Challenge (25qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Caelin's Horse Breed Challenge (50qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Caeralus' Feathers (50qp) [Novice]
Where to Start: The middle of the Flower Isle Maze

Caeralus needs help finding 5 big white feathers. Use your magnifying glass to look around all the stumps in the clearing. When you find them all Go back and talk to Caeralus again.

You Completed Caeralus' Feather Quest! You earned $3000 and 50 quest points.

Caeralus' Special Feed (50qp) [Novice]
Where to Start: The middle of the Flower isle Maze

Talk to Caeralus again. He asks you to go to the Wington feed store to pick up special feed. Go pick it up then return back to Caeralus.
You Completed Caeralus' Special Feed Quest! You earned $5000 and 50 quest points.

Candide's Golden Sheep (400qp) [Master] UNAVAILABLE
Captain Jack's Manifests (300qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Captain Solomon's Chests (200qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Cara's Lost Niece (50qp) [Intermediate] UNAVAILABLE
Carly Cobbler's New Home (275qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Cat Construction Job #1 (75qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Cat Construction Job #2 (100qp) [Novice] UNAVAILABLE
Cat Construction Job #3 (50qp) [Novice] UNAVAILABLE
Cedric's Axe (75qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Cheshire's Grin (25qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Cheshire's Missing Body (50qp) [Intermediate] UNAVAILABLE
Cinnamon's Letter (25qp) [Novice] UNAVAILABLE
Clara's Water Problem (25qp) [Advanced] NOT DONE
Clay for Mona (25qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Cookie's Banana Pudding (300qp) [Advanced] NOT DONE
Crash's Crush (75qp) [Intermediate] UNAVAILABLE
Cupid's Valentines (50qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Daedalus' Wings (250qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Dakota's Home Remedy (25qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Dalton's Medicine (100qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Daria's Mice Trouble (50qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Demetrius' Poetry Woes (50qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Dewey's Lures (25qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Dieter's Scavenger Hunt (300qp) [Advanced] NOT DONE
Dilly the Elf Snow Ball Quest (25qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Dixie's Oranges (50qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Dolly's Handmade Mugs (25qp) [Novice] UNAVAILABLE
Dominique's Child Tally's Lost Teddy Bear (50qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Dotti's Scary Noise (25qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Duck Sculpture (25qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Easter Bunny's Egg Hunt (25qp) [Novice]
Where to Start: Hare Isle

The easter bunny has lost his eggs! Its your job to try and find them in the forest. Use your rake.

Now go back and talk to the Easter Bunny for your reward.
You Completed Easter Bunny's Egg Hunt. You earned $3000 and 25 quest points.
Easter Bunny's Shopping List (250qp) [Novice]
Where to Start: Hare Isle

The easter bunny needs you to pick up some chocolate niblets from Ollie, the pet shop owner on Turtle Isle. You were given $1000 in travel expenses.
Reward: $2000

She now asks you to pick up some icing from Sasha the owner of the general store in Treeton. You were given $1000 in travel expenses.
Reward: $3500

Of course, she needs more stuff.. Now go pick up some wrapping paper from Mrs. Clause over on Christmas Isle. You were given $1000 in travel expenses. Go give it to the Easter Bunny!

You Completed the Easter Bunny's shopping list! You earned $8000 and 250 quest points.

Eli Grits' Treasure (25qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Elowyn's Wings (200qp) [Intermediate] UNAVAILABLE
Elvira's Tea Party (25qp) [Novice] UNAVAILABLE
Entertain Autumn's Child (25qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Epona's Horse Breed Quiz (50qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Eros' Concern (75qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Felton's Dino Bone #1 (50qp) [Novice]
Where to Start: Flipperton, Dolphin Isle
This quest unlocks Felton's Dino Bone #2.

Talk to Felton and he tells you that he has heard a rumor that a dinosaur bone is burried at the southern tip of the island. He needs you to go fetch it for him.
When your at the southern most tip of the island, it is burried two paces up from the round rock.
Take the bone back to Felton.
You Completed Felton's Quest! You earned $4000 and 50 quest points.

I just love his "Wow! Heres $4000."
Haha thankss.

Felton's Dino Bone #2 (75qp) [Novice]
Where to Start: Flipperton, Dolphin Isle.
You need Felton's Dino Bone #1 to start this quest and it unlocks Felton's Dino Bone #3.

Hes found another dinosaur bone location. This time its located at the tip of the turtle head on Turtle Isle. Its probably faster to travel from the hoof isle docks when heading over there. Once your on the head, its located where I am standing below.

Once found, take it back to felton.
You Completed Felton's Quest! You earned $8000 and 75 quest points.

Felton's Dino Bone #3 (50qp) [Novice]

Where to Start: Flipperton

Felton has uncovered yet another bone location. This time its not buried though, you need to use your magnifying glass in Blow Hole Forest and look for tiny pterodactyl bones! Exciting!

Take the bones back to Felton.
You Completed Felton's Quest #3! You earned $5000 and 50 quest points.
Fergus' New Pot (75qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Find Pella (100qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Flavius' Treasure (100qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Floria's Gift (150qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Flour for Elaina (25qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Forgetful Greig (75qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE

Formula for the Foals (50qp) [Novice]
To start the quest go to Desert Isle Adoption Center.

Phyllis Colt wants you to pick up some food for the babies after a surplus of foals this year! She gives you 1,500 for the travel fees (but if your a subscriber and your ranch is on the main isle then it gives you a little extra cash in the end)to head over to Oliver Oates' store in Treeton. (He owns the feed shop)
He asks for $500 in exchange for the food.
Return to Phyllis.
You Completed Formula for the Foals! You earned $2000 and 50 quest points.

Fourfingered Frank's Request (300qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Francis' Disguise (125qp) [Intermediate] UNAVAILABLE
Francis' New Home (150qp) [Intermediate] UNAVAILABLE
Freddy's Pumice Stones (25qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Galvin's Adventure (50qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Galvin's Birthday Present (50qp) [Novice] UNAVAILABLE
Genevieve's New Pottery Wheel (150qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
George's Deck Swab (50qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Gertrude's Broom (25qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Getting Betty Garments Organized (200qp) [Novice]
Start at the clothing shop on Bird Isle.
Items Needed:
5 logs
Nails (From the blacksmith for $50)

You offer to help organize the store since its so cluttered and.. everywhere. You suggest shelves and need to bring her 5 logs and nails from the blacksmith.
For the bins and paint she suggests running over to the store in Whiskerton. There is no charge so don't worry about bringing extra money.
You Completed Getting Betty Organized! You earned 1 Tan Cowboy Hat, 1 Pair of Black Cowboy Boots and 200 quest points.

Gifts from Larissa (25qp) [Novice] UNAVAILABLE
Gina's Scavenger Hunt (200qp) [Advanced] UNAVAILABLE
Gingerbread Man's Missing Button (25qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Goldilocks' Interior Design (300qp) [Advanced] UNAVAILABLE
Grapeseed Oil for Mandy (50qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Grey Slate's Gaudy Crown (350qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Gritty's Sand (50qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Guru Wiseman's Wisdom Encyclopedia (150qp) [Intermediate] UNAVAILABLE
Halian's Mancala Board (100qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Hans' Horse Breed Challenge (50qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Hans' Second Horse Breed Challenge (50qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Hansel's Little List (400qp) [Intermediate] UNAVAILABLE
Harmony's Lost Harmonica (100qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Harmony's New Clarinet (250qp) [Novice] UNAVAILABLE
Harold Nickelendime's Lost Voice (25qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Hazel's Delivery #1 (25qp) [Novice]
Where to Start: Earton
You need to have completed the 'Hazelnuts for Tobias' quest before you can start this one.

Hazel has too many nuts and can't even fit another person in her own home. She needs you to help deliver some of her nuts to people and of course you'll get a reward. :)
The first person is Cara Cook (the owner of the good store) who lives in Wington on Bird Isle. You were given $600 in traveling expenses.
Drop off the nuts and return to Hazel.

You Completed Hazel's Delivery #1. You earned $1000 and 25 quest points.

Hazel's Delivery #2 (25qp) [Novice]
Where to Start: Earton

Hazel has yet another delivery for you! This time she needs you to run to Ethel Barryjam who owns the Hotton general store on Desert Isle.
Drop off the nuts and return to Hazel!

You Completed Hazel's Delivery #2. You earned $4000 and 25 quest points.

Hazel's Delivery #3 (25qp) [Novice]
Where to Start: Earton

Another delivery. Oh boy! Deliver the nuts to Pheobe Wares, owner of the Shellton General store on Turtle Isle and then head back to Hazel.

You Completed Hazel's Delivery #3. You earned $6000 and 25 quest points.

Hazelnuts for Tobias (50qp) [Novice]
Where to Start: Earton

Oh no. Tobias is out of hazel nuts and needs you to go run over to Hazel (who lives in west Earton) to pick some up. Grab them and then run back to Tobias for your reward.

You Completed the Hazelnuts for Tobias Quest! You earned $2000 and 50 quest points. Tobias gave you a jar of chocolate spread.

Helga's Fruitcake (25qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Holli Daysin's Poem (350qp) [Advanced] NOT DONE
Holly's Lost Miniature Horse (25qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Holly's Snowman Hat (50qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Holly's Snowman Supplies (150qp) [Novice] NOT DONE

Hot Cocoa for Heinrich (25qp) [Novice]
Where to start:
Talk to Abigail in Chillton on Snow Isle.
She will ask you to bring hot cocoa to Heinrich.
Hes just down the street so just go run it down to him!
You gave Heinrich a package of hot cocoa. You earned $500 and 25 quest points.

Hunt for the Emerald Necklace (300qp) [Master]
Where to Start: Loyada, Sandy Meadows on Desert Isle

Loyada tells you a tragic story and the emerald necklace in it has never turned up. Maybe you can find it? Go talk to Nolan in Flipperton. He suggests that you should go search the abandon shack on the beach of Hoof isle. Time to head over there.

Peer through your magnifying glass, you brush away the dust and find a tattered piece of map!
You found an old map. Looking at it, you see a tiny "x" with a notation that looks like "inn" near where Wington is.

Well then, time to head over to Wington. Dig above the right side of the inn.

Carefully digging where the little 'x' marks the spot on your map, you find a piece of wood. On it are the words, 'Check in front of the fountain in Flipperton.'
You found a clue!

Go to flipperton and dig below the fountain.

Digging up the grass carefully, you uncover another piece of wood. 'Go to the Gazebo in Shellton.'
You found a clue!

Go into the Gazebo in Shellton and use your magnifying glass.

Glancing up, you notice some strange markings on one of the beams. Why, it looks like an orchard. 'Hotton next,' is written beside it.
You found a clue!

Go to the Hotton orchard and dig.

Digging up the earth, you find yet another piece of wood, carved with the words 'In Chillton.' Beside the words is what looks like a fallen log.
You found a clue!

To the left of Abigail's house there is a fallen log! Dig there.
Digging through the snow, and in the dirt beneath the log, you uncover a dirty necklace.
You found an Emerald Necklace!

Head back over to Desert Isle and return the necklace to Loyada.
You Completed the Hunt for the Emerald Necklace! You earned $15,000 and 300 quest points.
Hyrokkin's Feast (75qp) [Novice]
Where to Start: Berg Isle
She is preparing a feast and needs you to find some food. Go find John O' Lantern (He lives on dolphin isle on the left side of the forest) and see if he knows anything about it. He sends you off to find Jack Reelin, the bait shop owner in Wington.
He gives you the fish in exchange for the lures Jack gave you. Better return them back to Hyrokkin!

You Completed Hyrokkin's Feast. You earned a Pearl Necklace and 75 quest points.

Inara's Tea Table (100qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Ingredients for Lajita's Stew (100qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Integra's Puzzle (25qp) [Advanced] NOT DONE
Isleen's Dreams #1 (50qp) [Novice]
Where to Start: Lava Isle. Below Molten Meadows by a palm tree.

Isleen seems to have hurt her leg and needs help delivering dreams to the residents of HorseIsle. She needs you to deliver the box with the dream to Jasper in Earton. Bring him the box and return to Isleen.

You Completed Isleen's Dreams #1. You earned an Amethyst Necklace and 50 quest points.

Isleen's Dreams #2 (50qp) [Novice]
Where to Start: Lava Isle.
You must have completed Isleen's Dreams #1 AND Wildfire's Delivery before you can start this quest.

She is still is injured and needs you to take dreams to Wildfire. He is located on the rocks in Little Appleton Forest to the north west of appleton.
Once you've delivered it, return back to Isleen.

You Completed Isleen's Dreams #2! You earned an Emerald Necklace and 50 quest points.

Isleen's Dreams #3 (75qp) [Novice]
Where to Start: Lava Isle

You need to deliver one more dream. This time its going to the purple dragon. A little bit more complicated? (: Go back to the entrance of the maze and find the statue that says purple. Deliver the box!
Return to Isleen.
You Completed Isleen's Dreams #3! You earned a Pearl Necklace and 75 quest points.

Jack B. Nimble's Candlestick (25qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Jade's Gift (100qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Jayne's Cunning Hat (100qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Jean Stonwasht's Package (200qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Jenning's Deck Swab (50qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Jilly Elf Candy Cane quest (25qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Joanna's Lost Crop (50qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Joe Longbeard's Beard (75qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
John O'Lantern's First Deliveries (50qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
John O'Lantern's Friend (125qp) [Intermediate] UNAVAILABLE
John O'Lantern's Multiple Deliveries (150qp) [Novice] UNAVAILABLE
Jubal's Healing Liniment (300qp) [Advanced] UNAVAILABLE
Jubal's Puzzle of the Scraps (350qp) [Advanced] UNAVAILABLE
Just Gus Wants Pie (50qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Karl's Gems (50qp) [Novice] UNAVAILABLE
Karl's Preservation (25qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Katinka's Family Ties (300qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Kiah's Jungle Harvest (200qp) [Advanced] NOT DONE
Kier's Dream (50qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Kilye's Embroidered Saddle Pad (25qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Kilye's Teke Bridle (50qp) [Novice] UNAVAILABLE
King Phil's Menorah (250qp) [Intermediate] UNAVAILABLE
Kittens' Lost Mittens (25qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Krista's Baskets (50qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Larissa's Stolen Cloak (100qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Leasa's Quilt (250qp) [Novice] UNAVAILABLE
Leasa's Quilt Delivery (25qp) [Novice] UNAVAILABLE
Lelu's Crunchy Quest (300qp) [Advanced] UNAVAILABLE
Lenny's Brass Valve (50qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Lenny's Rock-Glass Goblets (25qp) [Novice] NOT DONE

Leuko's Hatchlings (50qp) [Novice]
Where to Start: Tail Isle

Her wing is still hurting and she needs food for her babies. Go talk to Nina. She has the food so now bring it back to Leuko!

You Completed Leuko's Hatchlings. You earned a Sapphire Necklace and 50 quest points.

Leuko's Missing Egg (75qp) [Advanced]
Where to Start: Tail Isle

After completing 'Nina's Bird Woes' Leuko tells you that one of her eggs has been stolen by a squirrel. Talk to her again and you tell her that you will look for clues around the forest.

Use your magnifying glass where I'm standing.
Looking closely you see some small imprints in the forest floor.
The little rodent prints seem to be heading west towards the road.

Use your magnifying glass.
Looking closely you see small imprints in the forest floor.
You found small rodent tracks! They appear to be heading towards the leafy trees up ahead.

There ya go, you found Scooter the Squirrel.. and of course, he has Leuko's egg. Talk to him to get it back then head back to return the egg to its mommy!

You Completed Leuko's Missing Egg! You earned a Silver Chain, a Diamond and 75 quest points.

Leuko's Stolen Egg (200qp) [Advanced]
Where to Start: Tail Isle

Well, Leuko has lost another egg. (Now its just starting to seem like shes an unfit mother..) She says that someone by the oak trees has it. Better go look.

You see a small hole here. Maybe you should dig to make it slightly bigger so you'll fit.

Soo.. dig!!
Now you appear in the tree. You find Gidget, A Small Wood Elf! She picked up the egg off of the ground.. and she is using it as decoration. She tells you that she would trade one of the Easter bunny's eggs for it. Time to head over to hare isle!

When you talk to her, she generously gives you one of the most beautiful ones she has. :) Take it back to Gidget for the exchange. She eagerly takes the Easter Egg and gives you back the 'boring white one'. Take it back to its mommy.

You Completed Leuko's Stolen Egg! You earned a Diamond Necklace and 200 quest points.

Lief's Allergy Medicine Delivery (25qp) [Novice]
Where to Start: Sunshine Meadows

Lief's allergies are really bothering him. He says that Ben Burlap owner of the Tropicton General Store has some medicine that you could pick up.
Ben has some and fives it to you free of charge. Take it back to Lief.

You Completed Lief's Allergy Medicine Delivery! You earned $2500 and 25 quest points.

Lilac's Tea Time (50qp) [Intermediate]
Where to Start: Flower Isle

Lilac wants you to find her husband and tell him that it is tea time. Hes located in the forest on the Southern most petal of the island. He asks him to find his horse ShadowFax. Hes on the North western island. Hes kind of hard to find.

Go back and talk to her husband, Gandalf.
You have Completed Lilac's Tea Time Quest! You earned $3000 and 50 quest points.

Linnea's Cloth (50qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Linnea's Donations (200qp) [Intermediate] UNAVAILABLE
Linnea's Dye (75qp) [Novice] UNAVAILABLE
Livia's Frogs (25qp) [Advanced] NOT DONE
Liza's Leaky Bucket (250qp) [Advanced] UNAVAILABLE
Lucy's Mouse Problem (100qp) [Intermediate] UNAVAILABLE
Lucy, the Dancing Snake (75qp) [Intermediate]
Where to Start: Sandy Meadows, Horseisle

Talk to Sando in Sandy Meadows. He has lost his dancing snake Lucy! Go talk to Loyada. She told Lucy that she should go lay under someone else' rock. Go back and tell Sando. Use your magnifying glass to the left of the only big rock in the village. You found Lucy!

You Completed the Dancing Snake Quest! You earned $2000 and 75 quest points.

Maddog Robert's Hat (250qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Magnolia's Nursery (150qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Mama Bunny's Missing Babies (75qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Mandala's Rock Garden (25qp) [Novice]
Where to Start: Sandy Meadows.
Talk to Mandala and she needs you to rake away the sand in her rock garden. To the left of the house theres some rocks. Rake those and return to tell her the job is done.
You Completed Mandala's Rock Garden Quest! You were given a bean and rice burrito and a tall glass of lemonade. You earned 25 quest points.
Marcus' Peppermint Gift (75qp) [Novice] UNAVAILABLE
Marisole's New Friend (100qp) [Intermediate] UNAVAILABLE
Markers for an Artist (50qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Mary Molasses's Horse Breed Quiz (50qp) [Intermediate]
Where to Start: Earton Feed Store

First Question: Where does the Azteca originate from?

Second Question: How deep can the Bashkir Curly dig for it’s food?
3 feet.

Third Question: When was the National Show Horse first developed?


Fourth Question: The Welsh Cob can sustain what gait for long distances?

Fifth Question: What breed’s lines were added to the French Trotter to make it a faster horse?

Sixth Question: What was the original Knabstrup’s height?
14.3 hands high

Seventh Question: What was the Suffolk Punch originally bred for?

Eighth Question: Which of these were NOT crossed to create the Gelderland?

Ninth Question: The Missouri Fox Trotter is most frequently used by whom?
Forest Rangers

Final Question: The Friesian was an ancestor of what breed?

Fell Pony

You Completed Mary Molasses's Horse Breed Quiz. You earned $10,000 and 50 quest points.

Materia's Constellation Map (50qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Materia's Stars (25qp) [Advanced] NOT DONE
Mathilda's Medicine Delivery (25qp) [Novice] UNAVAILABLE
Medicine for Lulu (50qp) [Novice] UNAVAILABLE
Miah's Lost Pony (75qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Mikko's Lost Friend (50qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Minnie's Blue Ribbon Berry Pie (25qp) [Novice] UNAVAILABLE
Minnie's Spice Supply (50qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Mino's Anniversary Gift Part 1 (100qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Mino's Anniversary Gift Part 2 (200qp) [Intermediate] UNAVAILABLE
Mino's Anniversary Gift Part 3 (50qp) [Novice] UNAVAILABLE
Missing Muffins! (25qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Monkey Thieves Guild (150qp) [Intermediate] UNAVAILABLE
Monsieur Renard's Cheeses (300qp) [Advanced] UNAVAILABLE
Mortimer's Treasure (25qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Mr. Fin's Quest (50qp) [Novice]
Where to Start: Flipperton

Talk to Fin and he needs you to go dig up his anchor from behind the general store. Soo, go dig it up. Its above the left part of the store. Go bring it back to Fin!
You Completed Fin's Quest! You earned $2000 and 50 quest points!

Mr. Tuttle's Delivery (50qp) [Novice]
Where to Start: Turtle Isle

Talk to Mr. Tuttle (Who, by the way I have thought was Mr. Turtle for the LONGEST TIME) and he will ask you to go to the general store, the store owner will know what he needs. So head right on down there and talk to her. She gives you a box of Supplies to take back to him.

Now he needs you to deliver the box to Bailey on Lilac isle. She wanders so try looking her up in the library before you go. Once you find her, deliver the supplies.

You Completed Mr. Tuttle's Delivery! You earned $4000 and 50 quest points.

Mrs. Beesdale's Lost Excellency (250qp) [Master] NOT DONE
Mrs. Claus' Anniversary Gift (250qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Murray's Fences (275qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Mystery of Leroy's Lost Nuggets! (300qp) [Master] NOT DONE
Mystic Forest Myth #1 (150qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Mystic Forest Myth #2 (50qp) [Intermediate] UNAVAILABLE
Nerina's Lulu (100qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
New Scoops For Ginger (75qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Nilan's Jungle Trap Hideout (200qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Nina's Bird Woes (50qp) [Novice]
Where to Start: Tail Isle

An eagle has been injured, but she flew off! Nina asks you to find her. Go down the path until you find a square of forest where the path slpits and goes around it. Shes located in there, right where I'm standing below.

She didn't get scared away! She has babies :) Go tell Nina!
Nina will send you to the vet in Appleton for a vile of eagle medicine. Once you recieve it, take it back to Nina to finish the quest.

((If you have the text that says you have completed THIS quest along with the rewards and quest points, PLEASE message me.))

Nolan's Borrowed Book #1 (25qp) [Novice]
Where to Start: Flipperton

Cedric in Chillton has barrowed a book and Nolan needs you to go pick it up. Head over to Snow Isle. Go pick up the book then return it back to Nolan.

You returned Nolan's book, and he rewarded you with $2000. You've earned 25 quest points.

Nolan's Borrowed Book #2 (25qp) [Novice]
Where to Start: Flipperton

Nolan needs you to go pick up another book! Go head over to Wington and get the book from Evelynn. She doesnt have it! So go talk to Cadence who lives up north a bit. She gives you the book. Go return it back to Nolan!

You returned Nolan's book, and he rewarded you with $2000. You've earned 25 quest points.

Nolan's Borrowed Book #3 (25qp) [Novice]
Where to Start: Flipperton

Nolan has lent another book out and this time he needs you to go to Shellton and pick up a book from Eliza. Once you get it go back and return it to Nolan.

You returned Nolan's book, and he rewarded you with $2000. You've earned 25 quest points.

Nolan's Borrowed Book #4 (100qp) [Intermediate]

Where to Start: Flipperton

This one sounds ease, right?! Just run over to Appleton and pick up the book from Kaliska. Well, not as easy as it sounds. Run over to Treeton and talk to Jaelyn. It seems she has lost the book and needs you to find it in the woods!

Rake abound the rock pile above and go back and talk to Jaelyn. She gives you $200 for finding the book. Now take it back to Nolan.
You returned all of Nolan's books! You earned $10,000 and 100 quest points.

Nomasonto's Lost Daughter (50qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Octavio's Love Letter (25qp) [Novice] NOT DONE

Odysseus' Delivery (50qp) [Novice]
Where to Start: The Second Sand Isle

He needs you to take the Wooden horse that you made in 'Odysseus' Trojan Miniature Horse' quest to Mona on art isle. Delivery Time! This time you don't have to report back to Odysseus.
You Completed Odysseus' Delivery! You earned $6000 and 50 quest points.

Odysseus' Trojan Miniature Horse (150qp) [Novice]
Where to Start: The Second Sand Isle

Items Needed:
30 Logs
A Strong Skinny Branch

Odysseus wants you to help make a wooden horse for his friend Mona on Art Isle. He gives you plans to run over to Rebecca on Hare isle! You were given $3,000 travel expenses!
Rebecca needs 30 logs 1 skinny branch and $3000. Gather the stuff and take it back to her in exchange for the horse.

You Completed the Trojan Miniature Horse quest. You gained $10,000 and 150 quest points.

Omand's Horse Isle Quiz (25qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Omand's Unidentified Animal (75qp) [Intermediate] UNAVAILABLE
One Eyed Bill's Doomsday (100qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Opal Sandstone's Sapphire: Ms Mabel Investigates (300qp) [Advanced] NOT DONE
Palila's Boxes (100qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Palila's Delivery #1 (25qp) [Novice] UNAVAILABLE
Palila's Delivery #2 (25qp) [Novice] UNAVAILABLE
Palila's Delivery #3 (50qp) [Novice] UNAVAILABLE
Paras' Feathers (25qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Parisa's Bones (100qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Parry's Long Lost Love (50qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Patricia's Plum Jelly (25qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Pecos Bill's Lost Horse (50qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Penelope's Distraction #1 (25qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Penelope's Distraction #2 (25qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Penelope's Distraction #3 (25qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Penelope's Distraction #4 (25qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Penelope's Distraction #5 (50qp) [Novice] UNAVAILABLE
Penfold's Missing Guinea Pig (75qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Penpal letter for Kele (50qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Peppermints for Marcus (50qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Peru's Fennel (100qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Peter the Pumpkin Eater's Glittery Decor (25qp) [Novice] NOT DONE

Phyllis Clipper's Broom (25qp) [Novice]
Where to Start: Earton Grooming Shop
She needs you to retrieve the broom from Ed Klippit who owns the Grooming Shop in Hotton. Go fetch it and bring it back to her.

You Completed Phyllis Clipper's Broom! You earned $2000 and 25 quest points.

Pig Rescue! (25qp) [Novice] UNAVAILABLE
Pig Warning! (25qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Pillan's Anniversary Gift (25qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Pip's Dolphin Isle Shelter (50qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Pip's Food (75qp) [Novice] UNAVAILABLE
Pookie's Little Brother (50qp) [Novice] UNAVAILABLE
Pookie's Purple Ink (50qp) [Intermediate] UNAVAILABLE
Posy's Daisies (100qp) [Novice] UNAVAILABLE
Posy's Wildflowers (75qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Prince Charming's Glass Slipper (75qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Princess Lilianna's Frogs (25qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Princess Pookie's Kooky Shoes (75qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Quinn's Water (25qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Rainey's Letter (50qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Rapunzel's Beautiful Hairpiece (75qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Rashida's Checkers (25qp) [Advanced] NOT DONE
Red Riding Hood's Surprise (50qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Reindeer's Treats (50qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Rhianna's Son (50qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Robin's Lost Trinket (50qp) [Intermediate] UNAVAILABLE
Robin's Secret Crush (25qp) [Novice] UNAVAILABLE
Rocco Shale's New Rock Shop Sign (300qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Roger's Deck Swab (50qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Rolando's Butterflies (25qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Rose's Fruit Salad (275qp) [Intermediate] UNAVAILABLE
Rose's Missing Ingredients (100qp) [Intermediate] UNAVAILABLE
Rose's Quest (25qp) [Novice] UNAVAILABLE
Rosemary's Present (60qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Royal Chocolatiere (75qp) [Intermediate] UNAVAILABLE
Ruthie's Doubloons (50qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Ruthie's Retirees (25qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Ryland's Bow (25qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Ryland's Lost Whetstone (75qp) [Intermediate] UNAVAILABLE
Sabella's Mare, Apples (200qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Salvador's Letter Quest (50qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Samora's Science Challenge (50qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Sandra's Jam (50qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Santa's Anniversary Gift (75qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Scurvy Gums' Delivery (75qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Scuttle's Golden Acorn (25qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Seashell Necklace for Patience (25qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Selena's Ethereal Summons (100qp) [Intermediate] UNAVAILABLE
Sera's Special Delivery (100qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Shakespeare with Ethel Barryjam (25qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Shark Soup Brady's Mysterious Ailment (150qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Shawnah's Unique Plant Food (125qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Signe's Birthday Gift (25qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Silver Mary's Big Production (400qp) [Master] NOT DONE

Simple Message (200qp) [Intermediate]
Where to Start: Middle of the flower isle Maze.

Talk to Cearalus and he will send you to see Erebus. He wants you to tell the unicorn that it has a problem with its wings and can't fly long distances to come visit. Go to the unicorn in tail forest and deliver the message. When you tell him about it hes upset, but sends you back to Erebus.
You Completed a Simple Message Quest! You earned $10,000 and 200 quest points.

Sir Sleepwell's Armament (175qp) [Intermediate] UNAVAILABLE
Smelly Toes' New Boots (150qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Soporta's Band Practice (175qp) [Advanced] UNAVAILABLE
Soup for Santa (75qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Spider's Quest (100qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Spider's Treasure (50qp) [Intermediate] UNAVAILABLE
Spister Mooner's Coconuts (25qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Squalid Nathaniel's Note (100qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Staebulman's Homemade Feed (100qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Stella's Sack of Fish (100qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Stew for Ormand (25qp) [Novice] UNAVAILABLE
Sumiko's Buckets (50qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Sumiko's Custom Mounting Block (25qp) [Intermediate] UNAVAILABLE
Sumiko's Saddles (50qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Sunny and Storm's Marital Strife (25qp) [Novice] NOT DONE

Supplies for the Easter Bunny (25qp) [Novice]
Where to Start: Hare Isle

The Easter Bunny had hurt her paw and needs you to bring her seven carrots. Theres a patch to garden up in Carrotton, but you can also buy them. Go back and deliver them to her.
You Completed Supplies for the Easter Bunny! You earned $3000 and 25 quest points.

Svea's Birthday Gift (25qp) [Novice] NOT DONE

Tail Forest Mystery (200qp) [Advanced]
Where to Start: Tail Forest

Make your way through the maze until you find a house. When you look in the house it has a letter that is missing some letters. More or less it says that if you use your magnifying glass on the tree to the left then you can get through. Once in the clearing look around for the wandering unicorn. All you have to do is talk to it and NOT try to capture it.
You Completed Tail Forest Mystery Quest! You earned 2 diamonds and 200 quest points.

Ted's Hay and Grain (75qp) [Novice]
Where to Start: Appleton Racing

Ted needs you to pick up some hay from Mary Molasses. Head up to Earton feed store. Ask her about it and she has sold it that morning! Go either buy or make three bales of hay and talk to her again. Go deliver the hay to Ted!

Now he needs you to go pick up some grain in Whiskerton. Talk to Daria Pale the feed shop owner and this time she has it ready. Go back and give it to Ted.

You Completed Ted's Hay and Grain. You earned $3500 and 75 quest points.

Ted's Racing Saddle (75qp) [Novice]
Where to Start: Appleton Racing

Ted needs you to find a racing saddle. Go check with Adrianna. She has it but one of the straps broke. Go to the Tack shop in Tropicton and see if they can get it fixed. She says to come back tomorrow, but just get out of the chat then talk to her again. She fixes the saddle. Take it back to Ted!

You Completed Ted's Racing Saddle. You earned $3500 and 75 quest points.

Temperance's Sister (75qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
The Blue Dragon's Treasure (350qp) [Master] UNAVAILABLE
The Literary Little Pig (25qp) [Novice] UNAVAILABLE
The Magenta Dragon's Egg (350qp) [Master] UNAVAILABLE
The Malted Falcon (75qp) [Advanced] UNAVAILABLE
The Royal Wedding (350qp) [Master] NOT DONE
The Sailor's Lost Love (100qp) [Intermediate] UNAVAILABLE
The Search for Rodney's Wacky Tube Men (200qp) [Intermediate] UNAVAILABLE
The Shipwrecked Sailor (100qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
The Triumph of Sam McGee (175qp) [Intermediate] UNAVAILABLE
Thorne's Dog (50qp) [Novice] NOT DONE

Trigger's Tack (300qp) [Advanced]
Where to Start: Mane Forest

To start, first find Trigger the retired rodeo rider. Hes to the left of the trail from Earton to Appleton in the southern part of Mane Forest. Hes west of the Pony Express building in the forest. Look below.

It seems he has lost his tack! Go ask the residence of Flipperton about his lost saddle pad. When you talk to Waverly she tells you that he camped up in Blow Hole forest and to look around there with your magnifying glass.

You gave Trigger his Saddle Pad and his leaflet. You were given $2000.
Now that you found the saddle pad then go back to Trigger to return it. Hes happy that you found his leaflet as well and tells you to look for his Bridle in Wington. Talk to Iris, the flower shop owner about his bridle. She says that Daf picked it up (but you have to talk to Iris first to be able to pick it up.) Bring the bridle back to Trigger.

You give Trigger his Bridle. You were given $3000.
Now that you gave him his Bridle, of course he needs you to go and find his saddle. He says that it is under a willow on Hoof isle. Use your binoculars.

Now that you found the Saddle too, return it to him to complete the Quest.

You have Completed Trigger's Tack Quest. You earned $7,000 and 300 quest points.

Truffles and Quail for the King (50qp) [Novice] UNAVAILABLE
Truffles for Cara Cook (175qp) [Intermediate] UNAVAILABLE
Tulippe's Wildflowers (25qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Turkish Delight for King Phil (200qp) [Novice] UNAVAILABLE

Twig Reconciles with Daf (25qp) [Novice]
Where to Start: Eartip Forest

Talk to twig. He wanders so just look around until you find him! He wants you to take some flowers to Daf who lives in Wington. Give them to her and she will give you a gold fish to give to Twig :)
Deliver the fish.

You Completed Twig's Reconciliation. You earned $1500 and 25 quest points.

Under The Sea Mystery (200qp) [Intermediate] UNAVAILABLE
Venda's Errand (50qp) [Novice] UNAVAILABLE
Venus' Potion (200qp) [Intermediate] UNAVAILABLE
Veronica's Balloon Animals (100qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Vesuvia's Samples (150qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Vianca's Game Challenge (50qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Vicky's Package (50qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Viola's Recipe (50qp) [Novice] UNAVAILABLE
Violet's Binoculars Quest (25qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE

Vixen's Lost Calf (25qp) [Intermediate]
Location: Christmas isle. Just go straight on the bridge until you see an elf on the ground named Frilly Lilly
He asks you to go find vixen's calf, but only tells you that hes probably by a tree. Yea, a lot of help!
If you go using various tools around snow isle you find clues but I personally don't think they really help much :/ Hes located where I am on the map (: To the right of the Chillton Welcome sign.

"You see a mound of snow piled against the trees, shivering! You carefully shovel the snow away, there you find a tiny reindeer calf, cold and frightened, but glad to see you!
You've found Vixen's calf! Better get her back to Frilly Lilly quick!"
So take her back.

You've completed Vixen's Lost Calf! You've earned $5000 and 25 quest points!

Waldo's Missing Pail (50qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Wandering Baby Troll (125qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Waverly's Task (10qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Wax for Crash (75qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Whystan's Building Set (200qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
WildFire's Delivery (25qp) [Novice]
Where to Start: Little Appleton Forest

Wington Tack in Shambles (250qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Witherton Jones and the Statues of the Tumetai (400qp) [Master] NOT DONE
Wu Kung and the Grand Master (100qp) [Novice] UNAVAILABLE
Wu Kung and the Masters (300qp) [Advanced] NOT DONE
Xamba's Wooden Instrument (75qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Xiang and the Volcanoes (200qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Xyzzy's Adventure (75qp) [Advanced] NOT DONE
Yellow Dragon's Better Greenery (100qp) [Novice] UNAVAILABLE
Yellow Dragon's Greenery (50qp) [Novice] UNAVAILABLE
Yorick's Team Preparations (200qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE
Zamora's Family Stone (50qp) [Novice] NOT DONE
Zik and Zak's Broken Ship (125qp) [Intermediate] NOT DONE

PHEW! Just copying and pasting the list was hard! But thats okay I'm going to get started on making the walkthroughs ASAP!
Got a couple done. It took me just under a year to do them all myself, but hopefully I'll be a little more motivated this time!


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